Water Damage Tips

Spring is here and we all know that means it’s time to start on that dreaded home maintenance list. When winter ends you should check your home for water damage in the walls, dirt accumulation in the HVAC system, and window screen damage. Spring cleaning is important because snow and rain can damage the roofing system, leading to leaks and water damage. Our water damage restoration experts suggest tackling the following home maintenance tasks first:

1.     Clean Gutters and Downspouts

After a long winter, you should take the time to clean your roof, gutters, and downspouts. Furthermore, you need to inspect the attic for any leaks that could potentially cause water and mold damage. Solving these problems alone can be challenging, there is no shame in bringing in a professional gutter cleaning team to take the task off your plate.

2.     Check for Termites

Examine your home for the signs of termites in the house and eliminate any infestation. Termites are most active during the spring season. The flying insects build nests in the attic and destroy the home. You can hire a licensed team to identify the nest of these insects and completely remove them from your home. As a result, you can save trouble and money in the long run.

3.     Reseal Exterior Woodwork

You should regularly maintain the wood railings, fences, and decks to keep them in the best working condition. Water damage can destroy the appearance and aesthetic of your home. Spring is the right time to identify and fix these damages.

4.     Inspect Driveways

Freezing weather can destroy asphalt, concrete, and other materials on the driveway. You should inspect the exterior of your home and identify if there is damage. Ignoring the issue will cause damage to increase and, in the end, you may have to replace the driveaway completely.

5.     Paint the Exterior

Spring is the right time to repaint your home. Heavy snow and rain damage the color of your home. Therefore, you should repaint the exterior during spring every year. Before repainting check for water damage and resolve this issue first. You can hire a professional team to inspect the home and identify and fix the water damage.

6.     Repair HVAC System

Each spring you should inspect your HVAC system for damage. Cleaning and repairing the HVAC system can reduce energy consumption and improve the temperature in the house. It is important to change filters after every season. If you don’t know how to inspect and fix the HVAC system, you can hire a professional HVAC service team.


We hope you found our spring home maintenance checklist helpful. If you get caught with water damage this season, give ServiceMaster Restoration by Ideal Group a call! We are a trusted water damage clean-up company serving the East Bay area. Our office will communicate directly with your insurance company for a hassle-free experience. With years of service and a certified team of technicians, we can restore your property and get you back to normalcy as soon as possible. Contact us now!