Fire Damage Tips

Wildfires are becoming increasingly common here in California. If you are a northern CA resident, it’s important to prepare beforehand to avoid significant damage and destruction to your home or loved ones.

You should start securing your home and workplace before the wildfire season starts. It is always better to take the time to get prepared than to bear excessive damage to your life, assets, and finances. Our wildfire damage restoration experts shared their tips to help you prepare before it’s too late below:

Know Your Area’s Wildfire Season

The first step is to find out when peak season for wildfires in your area. It will help you get an idea of the upcoming threat and risk of wildfire and prepare better for it. Wildfires typically occur the most in the month of August, due to the increased dryness and heat throughout the summer.

Know Your Community

If you live in a wildfire-prone area, you should find out if your community offers any assistance or aid in case of an emergency. Food, shelter, evacuation, and medical assistance make all the difference. The more you know about the help available in your community, the easier it will be for you to get help and get back on your feet.

Create an Emergency Plan

Always have an emergency plan ready beforehand so you, your family, and even employees know where to run and how to get out quickly in a wildfire. You can guide and train them on how to evacuate in the case of an emergency, where to relocate, who to contact first in such a situation, and what next steps to take. Giving them training for this before anything serious happens will save you from destruction and chaos when the time comes.

Prepare your Property

The best and most intelligent step you can take to protect your property from wildfire is to prepare for it. Prepare your home and workplace for wildfires by installing removable mesh screens in open areas. A mesh screen can effectively prevent a fire from entering more spacious areas of your property.

Clean your house, workplace, warehouse, and office so there is adequate space to run and evacuate in the event of an emergency. Keeping your space clean will help you save everyone in case of a wildfire.


No one wants their business to suffer in a wildfire to bear losses. If you have prepared yourself enough, let your clients and customers know that you are prepared and will be operating during that time. Keep the communication going in such circumstances with your employees and family to ensure your and their well-being. Communicating will also help you stay informed of any upcoming hazard or disaster.


Preparing for a wildfire season before it occurs will save your loved ones, your finances, and your property from major disaster and destruction. Use the ways we listed above to get yourself ready for wildfire season.

If you need professional assistance for wildfire damage, contact us at ServiceMaster Restoration Services by Ideal Group. Our team specializes in residential and commercial fire damage cleanup.