Fire Damage Tips

Summers are the best time to get out and enjoy some outdoor activities, like hosting barbeques with friends and family. People often forget to practice safely during all the fun which can lead to disastrous fire damage incidents. While enjoying summer is important, safety should be your top priority. Here are some tricks to help you avoid fires this season:

Grilling Safety Tips

We all enjoy outdoor cooking in the summer. It’s the perfect way to welcome summer and have a wonderful time with your friends and family. Preparing food outdoors will also prevent your home from accumulating smoke.

Sometimes, these lovely summer activities turn into a disaster due to small mistakes. People may suffer from burns or accidentally start a fire. Here are some safety tips to follow this summer:

  • Keep the grill 10 feet away from your house.
  • Never leave your grill unattended when it’s on.
  • If you’re firing up the old grill after a long time, reconnect the gas tank and check its levels.
  • Fix gas leak issues before using.
  • In the case of a charcoal grill, allow the ashes to cool before moving it inside.
  • Carefully use starter fluid for a charcoal grill.

Campfire Safety

Camping is a great summer activity that most people enjoy, especially teenagers and families with children. Stargazing, listening to ghost stories, and roasting marshmallows are all the best parts of camping. However, a lack of fire safety knowledge has led to terrible disasters. If you want to prevent the risk of a fire on your camping trip, you’ll have to keep a few tips in mind.

  • Prevent your pets or children from going near the fire.
  • Place your camp away from the fire.
  • Check the weather before making a plan to start a campfire. Don’t start a campfire on windy, dry days.
  • Keep an eye on the campfire as sparks from the fire can cause it to spread further by burning surrounding things.
  • Make sure every type of item is 25 feet away from the campfire.
  • Keep a shovel or bucket of water nearby the fire so that you can control the fire in a short time.

Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards are common all year long, but fire damage incidents increase in summers due to harsh weather and heavy rainfall. Downed or damaged utility lines, exposed wiring, and damaged appliances can interact with water which is a serious electrical hazard. To prevent this from happening, make sure to:

  • Keep machines under a shade to avoid any problem
  • Install quality wires and sockets that come with water protection covers
  • Place candles in a safe place in case of a power outage
  • Avoid using candles if you’re going to sleep, and use flashlights instead.

Bottom Line

If you ever experience a summer fire, avoid cleaning the mess by yourself. Professionals like ServiceMaster Restoration Services by Ideal Group have the expertise to clean up your property without making things worse. This can help you save some documents and household items. Contact us immediately if you face any problems.