Mold technician treating mold on a wall with ventilation placeMold is something almost all property owners encounter whether it appears in the shower, within the walls, or in the basement. We understand that this is a rapidly growing concern if you own a home or business. If you suspect mold in your property, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Ideal Group immediately.

Mold presents serious health risks for anyone that is exposed to it. The spores release into the air causing contamination. When this air is ingested, it can cause sickness or other health-related problems.

Keep your family or your employees safe by relying on our expert mold removal service today. We are experienced in mold removal in the Bay Area.

Our mold removal process includes:

  • Assess the mold damage and infestation area
  • Create a custom plan of attack
  • Isolate the contaminated areas
  • Eliminate the mold spores at the source
  • Properly clean and disinfect after the mold removal

Mold removalThe best way to control mold is by controlling moisture. If there is a moisture problem, solve it before it develops into mold. When excessive moisture is present indoors, mold growth can occur in just 48 hours. The moisture can be caused by a broken pipe, a slow leak, or in humid environments. Once mold spreads it can be very difficult to stop because it spreads so rapidly. Our technologically advanced equipment and techniques can dehumidify and remove excess water from any situation.

Each mold infestation calls for a different plan of action. We create a customized plan for you to remove and eliminate mold. For trusted and experienced mold removal in the Bay Area, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Ideal Group today!