Water Damage Tips

Let’s face it, there is no worse news for a homeowner than discovering a burst pipe. You could be having a lovely day with friends and family and suddenly notice a water leak and signs of water damage – the day is ruined!

Pipes bursting are unfortunately common. However, you can prevent them by preparing your pipes for the winter season. How can you do this? You’ll first need to understand the causes and their solutions. See what our water damage experts suggest:

Frozen Pipes

This is the most common reason for bursting pipes and occurs in winter. Metal pipes shrink and the water in the pipes expands in winters as the bonds between the water molecules become stronger. As water expands and pipe contracts, this exerts considerable pressure causing the pipes to burst and may lead to flood damage.

You’ll need to stop the water inside the pipes from freezing in the first place to avoid damage. Keep one or two cabinets open during the winter to provide warm air to the pipes. Be sure to insulate your attic, so cold air doesn’t reach your pipes. You can also use heating tape and wrap it around your pipes to keep them from freezing.

Unsecured Pipes

When your pipes are not secured properly and the water runs inside the pipes with pressure, this forces these pipes to move. Based on the water pressure in your house, the pipes can move with great speed. They could hit a wall causing structural damage on top of the burst pipe.

If you want to avoid water damage, make sure your pipes are properly secured. Hire experts who use pipe supports, clamps, and saddles to secure your pipes in one place.

Additional Factors

There are a variety of external factors that can damage your pipes. The shifting tree roots can rupture your pipes, or pipes on the outside wall can burst due to a falling branch. Earthquakes and wind storms can also be problematic.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent all external factors from impacting your pipes, but you can install high-quality pipes that can tolerate force. You should also check your pipes yearly to ensure they are in good condition.

Bottom Line

If you want to save yourself from experiencing water damage problems, it’s best to work on the causes of the bursting pipes. Contact the team at ServiceMaster Restoration by Ideal Group if you get caught with water damage this winter. We are here to help 24/7!