Water Damage TipsWater flowing through doors from a flooded office. Effects Tropical Storm Imelda. Houston, Texas, US

Our water damage experts want to ensure that you understand what you need to know to keep your facility protected against water damage. The ServiceMaster Restoration by Ideal Group technicians wanted to share a few tips to help prevent commercial water damage, including typical sources of water leakage and how commercial water damage services can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Typical Sources of Water Leakage

It’s important to determine where water can leak into your property to adequately prevent it from entering or stopping the amount that enters until you can perform permanent repairs.

Some of the most common sources of water leakage you should inspect include:

  • Appliances, such as water heaters, dishwashers, clothes washers, refrigerators, and A/C units. The age of an appliance is a significant factor, as time and usage tend to degrade internal components and connections
  • Pipes and drains are susceptible to clogs, stoppages, and leaks – often going undetected for months before their effects are noticed. Pay attention to grease buildups in kitchen sinks, roots in sewer lines, and frozen pipes that crack due to expanding ice. Just as an example, a ⅛” crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water per day.
  • Roofing materials are exposed to the elements year-round which, over time, deteriorates into allowing water to penetrate your property. Coupled with inadequate attic ventilation and falling tree branches, your roof can be a major source of water infiltration.
  • Check your gutters for proper drainage that steers water away from the proper. Leaks can be caused by excessive debris in the gutters (such as bird’s nests, growing ivy, leaves, etc.), which may reroute water towards vulnerable areas of the building instead of safely towards downspouts and drains.
  • Look around your property’s foundation for signs of mold growth, wet spots, and crumbling concrete – all of which point to an active water leak. Also, pay attention to any spots where water has removed soil over time. Left unaddressed, your property may experience significant foundation issues and cost thousands to fix.

Problems May Persist Without Professional Cleaning

For those who perform their own water clean-up and mitigation, it’s important to understand that moisture is not easy to remove without professional equipment. You may repair your roof, only to find that ceilings are still leaking water that has been trapped between walls for months. Left unaddressed, this moisture can provide the perfect breeding ground for mold growth, creating a serious health hazard if it reaches your ventilation system.

Bring in a Water Damage Restoration Expert

ServiceMaster Restoration Services by Ideal Group is at your service when a commercial water damage disaster occurs. Our trained and experienced technicians understand how to deal with the ins and outs of commercial water damage restoration to get your company back in business ASAP.

Available 24/7/365, we are deeply committed to helping restore your property to its previous state and keep your doors open during the process when possible. Contact us today to learn more and get the peace of mind you deserve!