Fire Damage Tips

Do you want to have a happy and fun-filled holiday without any accidents? Use the following tips from our disaster restoration experts to avoid any risk of fire damage.

Inspect Lights before Installing

Broken and damaged lights can lead to accidents and set your house on fire. It’s better to put some effort and time than to get into trouble. Look for frayed or bare wires in your new lights. Make sure that all the connections are tight and appropriately fitted.

After inspecting the lights, you also need to connect them to an electrical source to check whether they are working. Non-functional blub can cause problems. It’s better to replace and avoid installing them in your house.

Consider Right Placement of Decorations

Your cute and pretty holiday decorations can become the cause of fire accidents. Therefore, it’s vital to give attention to the place you have to choose to decorate. Always hang or place your lights away from things that can catch fire, like the extremely dry trees.

You also need to avoid hanging decor in your kitchen, especially near the stove, oven, and other appliances. Place your candles on heat-resistant surfaces while burning. You also need to keep candles away from carpets, curtains, trees, furniture, and any other flammable things. Most importantly, check all rooms, turn off the light, and blow out the candles before sleeping.

Take Extra Precaution while Cooking

You must be planning to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving or make a delicious pecan pie for family dinner. While holidays are incomplete without cooking delicious meals, little carelessness can lead to disaster. So, be careful when you are cooking; keep an eye on your electric oven while baking your lasagna. Don’t leave any food unattended on the stove, especially if you are using an electric one.

Most people overlook this, but you need to turn off your appliances after using them. It reduces the risk of short circuits and other mishaps. Our experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Service by Ideal Group advise people to clean the stove and oven before using. This is because grease and leftover food can catch fire that can light other things near it.

Be Careful about Heat Sources

Keep your Christmas tree and holiday decorations at least three feet away from all the heat sources like fireplaces, heaters, and space heaters. To prevent fire damage, you also need to turn off the heat source when you leave the room.

Some people also use battery-operated candles to avoid fire. Before winters, hire a professional chimney cleaner and ask them to clean and inspect it. Note that Creosote buildup is likely to lead to a deadly home fire. So, clean your chimney before winter to avoid any risk.

Bottom Line

The holiday season is about laughter, celebrations, fun, and love. No one wants to ruin the fun celebrations of the holiday season to deal with an emergency. So, use these tips to avoid the holiday practices and mistakes that can lead to fire damage. Need restoration services? Contact our team at ServiceMaster Restoration Services by Ideal Group today!